Duplo Printers

Duplo Printers have long since been regarded as leaders in the graphic design printing industry, turning paper into works of art and masterful pieces of communication and branding. Duplo doesn’t simply refer to them as printers, but as Duplicators, capable of creating optimally precise image prints that leave little to be desired.

Not only that, but Duplo is renowned for its low cost, economical printers. The Duplo A100 is capable of printing 130 prints a minute, rapidly completing print jobs at the highest quality to keep your workflow running smoothly and optimally. This makes for the ideal school, publishers or office printer, and you’ll find the Duplo G200 and G300 are similarly designed to master the office environment. Designed to print A4 documents, they’re best for printing flyers, exam papers, promotional material, certificates, newsletters, instruction sheets, and envelopes.

One of the best features, especially when confidentiality and privacy are necessary, is the Confidential Mode and ID User Management System. Not only does the User ID Manager feature provide you with security for what you print, but it also allows you to track how much you spend on printing, and reduce the amount you spend on prints.

All Duplo printers come standard with a user-friendly display and interface, where you’ll find all the necessary functions and adjustments for size (reduction and enlarging), image modes, and print speed. The Automatic Document Feeder is another user-friendly feature, taking away the need to manually place your document page by page on the glass for scanning. All you have to is place your document into the scanner feeder and press start.